About this Site

What about this site?

This site is our record of our research and, when we begin, our journey. To be completely frank, we anticipate that it will generate sufficient passive income that we can afford to travel the world and experience our dream of full-time RV living. There is a bit of method in our madness… comme même…

The site was originally built with SBI from SiteSell. It is now a WordPress site.

First though, why SBI?

Neither of us is technical nor want to spend a lot of time trying to understand the technical idiosyncrasies of constructing webpages that will rank well and therefore attract the traffic we need to build a passive income.

And, that being said, we can also say that this is our third, yes third, attempt to build an online business using SBI. The first two failed for one very simple reason. No passion. The numbers existed, the tools were all in place and even the knowledge was there but we both found out that we just simply did not have the passion to do the research, write the articles and publish them.

What have we noticed upon our return?

First, we’re a little older. Second, the tools have improved astronomically. Much easier to use, more intuitive and faster. To say that SBI was “clunky” in its earlier incarnations would be polite. Now, it is as slick as any of the advanced blogging platforms with a whole lot of extra benefits.

Most importantly, Ken is still there, as passionate as ever about his cause and he’s gathered a really solid bunch of people around him, both technical and business. This means that he can concentrate on guiding SBI’s development without having to worry about implementing the business model because, rest assured, SBI is about building an online business and a successful one at that. Even if you don’t have the time to do it yourself

Why the move to WordPress?

Primarily because SiteSell have put out SBI for WP, a plugin that gives you access to the Brainstorming and Keyword analysis while allowing you the flexibility and support provided by the WordPress community. The best of both worlds.

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