Who we are…

Let’s start with telling a bit about us.

We are Monia and Stephen, both in our 50s, come from opposite ends of the planet (France and New Zealand) and met while we were working for the Red Cross, in Angola of all places! We currently live in New Zealand but travel back to Europe every couple of years to visit family and friends so travel is well and truly in our blood.

Between us, we have lived and worked in 12 different countries: New Zealand, France, Australia, Tunisia, Denmark, Switzerland, Fiji, Nepal, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Rwanda and, of course, Angola. Half of these, we have done together.

We have visited more than 35 more: Singapore, Thailand, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Namibia, South Africa, Tonga, Samoa, the US, Canada, Hong Kong, England, Scotland, the Cook Islands, Ireland, Wales, Morocco, Senegal, Zaire, Kenya, Egypt, Israel, Bangladesh, Dubai, Finland, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Malaysia.

As you can see, there are still vast tracts of the planet we have not yet seen, Central and South America and all of Northern and Central Asia, together with sizeable parts of Africa. Hence this trip…

We hope you’ll stay with us as we research our way to departure day and then follow our venture as we head off around the world, recording our missives right here in our record of living in an RV…

Second only to the importance of the motorhome is the site upon which all this is recorded. You can read more here.

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