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Looking for camper vans for sale was not really one of our first considerations but in our research we have uncovered some interesting bits of information that might help young backpackers looking a used camper van for sale when visiting New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. While it is not a market we are particularly concerned with, the same things must be considered when buying a small campervan as when buying a larger motorhome: tyres, base vehicle, electrics and plumbing. So, who buys used camper vans?

Camper Vans for Sale in New Zealand

There is a thriving market for used campervans in the main centres of Auckland and Christchurch, the two principal airports for international travel to and from New Zealand. If you are in this market, you might want to look at (the home-grown version of eBay) or (Motorhomes, Caravans and Destinations) to get an idea of prices and quality before you arrive.

Otherwise, the principal backpacker hotels and hostels will carry notices of campervans for sale.

Some travellers rent or hire a small campervan, usually based on a Mitsubishi Space Wagon or a Toyota HiAce van but there is a good market in 10-12 year-old vans, just be sure that the van you are buying has a Warrant of Fitness and, if it is diesel, its Road User Charges have been paid.

Be careful though, the WoF means that the vehicle is roadworthy, it does not mean that there are no mechanical faults.

The Road User Charges are the result of a strange idea, though good at the time, that diesel-engined vehicles caused more damage to road surfaces than petrol-engined cars. This was obviously in the days when trucks and buses and the occasional tractor were the only diesel powered vehicle on the road. Now, of course diesel fuel is much more common but you still have to pay as though you’re a truck. Diesel is widely available throughout the country.

What else should you consider?

As a seller, make sure that you get the registration changed into the new owner’s name as quickly as possible. That way you won’t incur any traffic fines the new owner may incur. Remember, you are liable for all penalties associated with the vehicle registered in your name, whether you are driving it or not. The assumption is that if you own it, you can control you drives it.

The transfer process is pretty simple in NZ, you just fill in the necessary parts of the registration form and go into any Post Office.


Same thing really but on a much larger scale. You will find a large market for camper vans for sale in Brisbane, for those heading north and Adelaide, for those heading east. Perth, too has a market for those wanting to explore the west coast. Sydney, you need to know where to look. Same for Melbourne.

If you know of sites that list campervans for sale in Australia, please add them using the form at the bottom of this page. Equally, if you have a camper van for sale, you can list it here, free of charge.

South Africa

Check out this site if you’re planning on visiting South Africa and purchasing a campervan. There are some legislative rules that you’ll need to take into consideration.

Are You Looking for Camper Vans for Sale?

Are you about to arrive in a new country? Looking for campervans for sale? Make your requests right here. And if you have a campervan for sale, please, announce it right here!

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