Fleetwood Motorhomes

The parent company of Fleetwood motorhomes, Fleetwood Enterprises, dates back to 1950, when John C. Crean formed Coach Specialties Company in southern California. About a decade later, the company was reincorporated as Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc. becoming a public company in 1965. Twenty years later, Fleetwood RVs sales reached the one billion dollar milestone.

Following the tragic history of the rest of the US motorhome market, in another 20 years, it was declared the top-selling manufacturer in its market, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy just two years later.

In 2010, Allied Specialty Vehicles was formed, the same parent body as for American Coach, Holiday Rambler and Monaco motorhomes. With stability in the business, their product offering is as follows…

Class A Diesel

  • Providence
  • Discovery
  • Expedition
  • Excursion

Class A Gas

  • Southwind
  • Bounder
  • Bounder Classic
  • Terra
  • Terra SE
  • Storm

Class C Gas

  • Jamboree Sport
  • Tioga Ranger
  • Jamboree Searcher
  • Tioga Montara

Where can you buy Fleetwood Motorhomes?

You can buy new Fleetwood motor homes through their dealer network, the details of which can be found on their site www.fleetwoodrv.com

Used motor homes can be found in eBay, CampingWorld, RV Trader among other online sites.

Would we buy one?

That is a really good question! The Class A motorhomes are too big for our requirements, as we’ve said for Holiday Rambler and Monaco as well. Their Class C models don’t appeal aesthetically but they do have some interesting floor plans.

We’re particularly taken by the 31M used in the Tioga and Jamboree models, there are some really good ideas packed into the living areas of a vehicle with overall length of just 32 feet (9.5 metres). Given the base vehicles we’re looking at have shorter cabs than the Ford E450, we’re guessing that we could take about 20% off that for the overcab bed, and we’re down to about 7.5 metres of living space.

The 29A also has some interesting ideas included in it as does the 31C from the Class A petrol vehicle Terra SE.

All up, some interesting perspectives on floor plan design that gives us much food for thought.

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