Motor Home Manufacturers from Australia and New Zealand

This page is about motor home manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. You can find information on RV manufacturers in North America here and motor home manufacturers in the UK and Europe on this page.

Motorhome and fifth wheel manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand may be small in number but they show remarkable innovation. Most New Zealand roads prompt a focus on vehicle design that suits “poor roads”, all those roads you’ll find between highways and bush tracks. This is an important distinction because it excludes both massive motorhomes suitable only for highway cruising and pure off-road expedition vehicles.

Australian manufacturers have all the extremes of temperature and road conditions needed for extensive testing and there is a strong industry developing. Some US manufacturers have licensed Australian companies to design and build and ship back to the US.

The choice of manufacturer is important for cross-border travel. Once you have departed the country of origin, you’ll be needing an extensive, global service network for the motorhome, base vehicle and all components.

Choosing a motorhome built in Australia or New Zealand may create some problems in this domain, especially if the motor home components are manufactured locally.

For this reason, if your point of departure is in the South Pacific, you might want to consider flying to your first destination and purchase your motorhome there. At first glance, there seem to be some advantages to this strategy: no shipping costs, established network of owners and service centres, the possibility of having a vehicle that is known in the country of travel and has its steering wheel on the correct side of the cab. To do so, you need to know who builds what, where.

On other pages, we’ll address the distribution and dealer networks and show you which motorhomes and campervans are available in each country. Not all manufacturers are available in all countries and not all dealers handle all manufacturers.

Let’s start with the manufacturers themselves…

Motorhome Manufacturers in Australia

  • ADP Caravan Services
  • Adventure Motorhome Conversions
  • Aquarius
  • Aurora RV
  • Autosmith International
  • Avan Campers, Caravans, Motorhomes
  • Avida RV
  • Ballina Campervan & Leisure Centre
  • Billabong Motor Homes
  • Bus & RV Modification
  • Camperworld
  • Cowboy Cadillac
  • Custom Built Motorhomes
  • EarthCruiser
  • Easy Life Motorhomes
  • Express Excellence
  • Frontline Campervans
  • Geist Vehicle Leisure
  • Harold Knudsen
  • Horizon Motor Homes
  • I & D IndustriesKampacons
  • KEA Campers
  • Lifestyle RVs
  • Matilda Luxury Motorhomes
  • Ozcape Campers
  • Paradise Motor Homes
  • Pegasus Motor Homes
  • Roadmaster Caravans, Motor Homes, Fifth Wheelers
  • SLR Motorhomes
  • Suncamper
  • Sunliner
  • Swagman Motorhomes
  • Talvor Motorhomes
  • Trailblazers RV
  • Trakka Motorcampers
  • Turtleback Campers
  • Ultima RV
  • Venture Fifth Wheelers
  • Winnebago
  • Wirraway Motor Homes

New Zealand Motor Home Manufacturers

  • Apollo
  • Auckland Coachbuilders
  • B & V Motorhomes
  • Bedmobils New Zealand
  • Ci Munro
  • Coachcraft
  • Craft Motorhomes
  • Explorer
  • Frontier
  • Gipsy Caravans
  • KEA
  • Lifestyle Motorhomes
  • Motek
  • Motorhome Shop
  • Ovaland Motorhomes
  • Recreational Concepts
  • Smart Motorhomes
  • Trail Lite
  • Trakka Campervans
  • UCC
  • Vanco
  • Village Autos RV
  • Wakerley Motorhomes

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