Motor Home Rentals

Motor home rentals are a viable alternative to purchasing our own motorhome and travelling the world. Serial renting would mean no capital expense and give us more flexibility – we could stop in one place for longer if we chose, we could fly between destinations if we ever got tired of driving, we would experience many different types of motorhome.

All these are important considerations and will play a part in our decision. But we also need to consider that hiring a motorhome or campervan would require us to pack very carefully and ensure that we coordinate between rentals so that we would have somewhere to store all our stuff. The logistics, especially cross-border, may indeed prove to be too much (we can just imagine the “fun” we would have emptying one vehicle, loading another, then having to return the first). Not a great prospect!

The other disadvantage from our perspective is that we could only travel in countries with a healthy and mature motor home rental market. This would effectively limit us to the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Not quite our idea of a world tour… especially when we consider that most motorhome hire is limited to return travel – unless you are happy to pay a one-way relocation fee.

Motor Home Rentals for Land Cruising

However, if you are in holiday mode, motorhome rentals are for you. Campervan hire is the land equivalent of a cruise. You arrive at the “port”, board your vessel, unpack once and have your holiday. Upon your return, you pack everything into your suitcases, load the suitcases into your own car or check-in to your flight and return home.

Just a note on the use of terms on this site: “motorhome” and “campervan” are pretty much interchangeable when used with “hire” and “rental”. And that’s how you’ll see them on this page and the pages that link to it. However, when considering “buying” or “living”, the vehicle referred to is exclusively a “motorhome”. Just a little piece of trivia we’ve discovered as we researched this topic.

As mentioned above, the key markets for motor home rentals or campervan hire are New Zealand, Australia and the UK, while in the US there is a very healthy RV rental market.

In considering “serial renting”, we’ve identified the market leaders in each of these countries as listed below.

New Zealand

Campervan hire in New Zealand is big business. At any one time, there are some two thousand camper vans on our roads, many driven by overseas tourists – we simply don’t have a big enough population to support the market by ourselves. Market leaders in NZ are

  • KEA Campers
  • Maui Campers
  • Britz

There has been a recent change in the New Zealand market for motor home rentals in that many rental companies are now merging with manufacturers so they can better control the quality of their product. This simply means that, on this site, you might see the same name appear in several places.

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