Of all the Motor Homes For Sale…

Where do you find motor homes for sale? And what do you have to take into consideration when purchasing? These were two of the great mysteries when we started this research and one of our first considerations was… do we buy new or used?

To maintain a semblance of sanity, we decided to opt for a new RV. We had to start somewhere… and you can see all aspects of those deliberations and what we are taking into consideration, here.

We discovered that new motorhomes are best searched for by manufacturer and we’ve begun to compile a long list of manufacturers worldwide to help us gain an appreciation of the variety available. Especially if we decide to fly-and-buy…

Once we’ve settled on our criteria, though, we are just as open to looking at used motorhomes for sale and there are a number of advantages in doing so.

Purchasing a used motorhome under two years old is a serious alternative. Not least because of the “first year” depreciation factor – most vehicles lose 30% of their value as they drive off the showroom floor. And the new base vehicle warranties are so long now – up to 36 months or 200 000 km – that considering used motorhomes within their factory warranty is not as silly as it sounds. Especially if the base vehicle warranty is worldwide and the dealer network stretches across the globe.

Where do you find Used Motor Homes for Sale?

That depends a lot on where you live.

In the UK, for example, these are the top-ranking sites and list many thousands of new and used motorhomes and campervans for sale.

If you are in the US, try these sites and companies

For those of you wanting to purchase a used motorhome in Australia, try these:

And in New Zealand, we have

Everything we are considering in our list of purchase criteria are applicable, whether considering purchasing a new or used motorhome. But in the case of a used motorhome there are some other considerations to take into account.

Age and use of tyres

As we’ve discussed here, tyres are designed to roll, not to act as a vehicle stand. If the used motorhome or camper van you are considering purchasing has been standing for most of its life, you will need to purchase new tyres – the risk of sidewall damage is just too great. Look carefully at the DOT numbers for the week and year of manufacture (first two digits are the week number, second two are the year).

Base vehicle warranty

The best piece of advice we have received is to be sure to check the base vehicle warranty of all motor homes for sale. If the vehicle is older than, say, three years, then it will be out of the manufacturer’s warranty and you’ll need to check the rules in your particular country regarding warranties on used vehicles. As mentioned above, if we buy used, we’ll try to buy a vehicle that is still within its manufacturer’s warranty period.

Motorhome body and accessories

Worth checking is any warranty on the motorhome body and any accessories such as heaters, awnings, stoves, cassette toilets and so forth. Even aside from warranty considerations, these things can prove expensive if they need to be replaced so a “building inspection” is well worth conducting.

Class A, B and C Motorhomes for Sale

On the other hand, if you are looking for Class A motor homes for sale, used Class B motorhomes or Class C motorhomes for Sale, try here for a list of outlets.

Looking for Campervans for Sale?

The campervan market is usually populated by younger backpackers with needs different from ours so we’ve created a separate section, with forum capabilities, to cater for that. We hope to be able to learn from their experiences and apply those lessons to our own search.

Are You Looking for Motorhomes for Sale?

What are your criteria? Can you suggest a good dealer? What are you taking into account in your search?

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