Motorhome Sales for Cross-Border, Poor-Road Travel

In the sea of motorhome sales, how do you will find vehicles that are suitable for cross-border, poor-road travel? Know your well-defined criteria extremely well. And look very carefully…

Even then, your choices will be limited by your country of origin. On this site, information is presented from three perspectives:

  • Australia and New Zealand
  • North America
  • the UK and Europe

Where you begin your investigation determines the availability of vehicles suitable for cross-border travel.

If you begin in North America, you will have just two land borders or two oceans to cross. And a continent that you could spend the rest of your life exploring. This has a major impact on the market for RVs. In addition, your RV has the driver position shared by two-thirds of the world’s jurisdictions – you drive on the right.

From Australia and New Zealand, shipping is the only option and you will need to import a vehicle that is “wrong-sided” (left-hand-drive in a RHD country) if you want to travel the world and drive comfortably for the majority of it. Searching motorhome sales does not return many options.

Starting in the UK gives access to the entire European market (all LHD) but cross-border travel there is a bit of a misnomer, given that you can travel the length and breadth of Europe on high-class motorways. Poor-road vehicles might be a better criteria in that case.

What does this mean, concretely?

There are very few sites, if any, that readily permit you to find motorhomes suitable for cross-border, poor-road travel. To buy such motorhomes, you would want to be able to search on criteria such as:

  • Driver position
  • Fuel
  • Length, Width and Height
  • Transmission and Driving Wheels (front or rear)

The closest we’ve found to a site offering this degree of search selection is which offers search criteria such as:

  • Driver position
  • End layout
  • Fuel type
  • Transmission
  • Body type
  • Length and Width

Assuming we wanted a left-hand-drive vehicle that uses diesel and will fit into a container (width less than 2.30m), selecting these criteria cut an initial listing of over 4300 motorhomes to just sixteen. You can see that we are operating in a very small niche with these demands.

Motorhome Sales in North America

On the other side of the Atlantic, however, if you look at in the US where left-hand-drive is a given, you’ll find over 114,000 motorhomes for sale with the ability to select based on type (Class A, B or C, 5th wheel, travel trailer, etc.); manufacturer, year and location.

Clearly, the task of finding a vehicle suitable for cross-border travel will be far easier here as there are just two borders to cross and both countries use left-hand-drive vehicles. You can find more information here.

Poor-road suitability is also assumed, not because of the condition of the roads but, rather, the fact that most vehicles are rear-wheel-drive, giving better traction – though the substantial rear over-hang of many North American motorhomes may play havoc with departure angles…

What’s Available in Australia and New Zealand?

Left-hand-drive vehicles are rare in these countries so if you are wanting to start here with a vehicle suitable for driving around the world, you’ll need to import one… and that requires a special permit.

Motorhome Sales and Cross-Border Travel

For the purposes of cross-border, poor-road travel, the criteria you set will determine in which country you should make your purchase.

If you are sure that you will need left-hand-drive, then you may need to purchase in a country that drives on the right. That will mean boxing all your goods up and shipping to the country of purchase. It also means that once you begin your journey, there is no turning back…

There’s no returning from this vacation…

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