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PPL Motorhomes have two sites in Texas: Houston and New Braunfels. They are a niche dealer selling used motorhomes on consignment and their advice for selling your motorhome is equally applicable to those looking for used motor homes for sale.

You can contact them through their site at www.pplmotorhomes.com for a copy of their brochure “Nine Steps to Selling Your RV“. We’ve summarised and commented on the contents below.

1. Am I charging too much? Not enough?

PPL says that this is the hardest part of the whole process of selling an RV. Too high and you run the risk that your recreational vehicle will stay on the market for too long and become stale. Like real estate, even if you lower the price this sends mixed messages to the market and buyers will wonder why the motorhome is not selling.

What is a fair asking price? Buyers often do not trust the Kelley Blue Book or NADA values so how do you set your price? As a buyer, how do you know the asking price is fair?

Again, we suggest that you take a lesson from the real estate industry. Let the market be your guide. Look at the selling prices of similar motorhomes in your region and set your price accordingly.

2. Make your ad more effective

Some good, common-sense advice here. Include year, model, make, size, mileage and price. Also your contact details but not your home address.

Leave out fluff words such as: spotless, dream vehicle, and so forth. Buyers can see through these and you will lower your credibility.

Use local newspapers, buyers are not going to travel long distances just to look at your RV. Remember, you are selling (or buying) a motor home – the rules of real estate are more applicable than you might think.

3. The pros and cons of selling your RV yourself

Put a sign in the window with your phone number, park your vehicle on the road side and wait for the phone to ring. Sure, it’s easy and cheap but you take on a lot of extra inconvenience.

Sell on consignment? If the dealer sells both new and used motorhomes, you will be competing with the dealership itself. PPL obviously urge you to consider a consignment-only dealership and we have to agree with them in this regard.

4. PPL Motorhomes say “a clean RV is ready to sell”

Similar to selling your home, a good clean-up will enhance the price. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Complete exterior wash and wax, including roof
  • Paint touch up on step and bumper
  • Clean and vacuum all exterior compartments
  • Clean and shine bathroom, toilet, kitchen and appliances
  • Vacuum / steam clean carpet and upholstery
  • Clean all interior cabinets
  • Polish all woodwork
  • Cover mattress with protective pad – you should do this in any case to ensure your mattress condition
  • Remove all personal items from interior
  • Steam clean generator and engine compartment
  • Clean or replace air conditioning filter
  • Ensure cab and motor and clean and presentable

From the buyer perspective, you can ask “if the seller can’t be bothered doing all this, how serious are they about selling…?”

5. Be aware of buyer financing

PPL Motorhomes rightly points out that cash buyers are rare for anything other than the lowest priced vehicles. On the other hand, most banks and other financial institutions are wary of issuing loans with terms greater than 3-5 years making payments difficult. If possible, buyers should seek finance with at least a 10-year term. After all, we buy houses on up to 30-year terms and many motorhomes are of similar value…

6. Test drive it yourself

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Fill the tanks, make sure all batteries are charged, turn on the refrigerator a few hours before the buyer arrives, check vents for leaks and so forth.

And remember to go with all potential buyers when they take your vehicle for a test drive, you do want it back.

7. Be prepared to negotiate

Know what your bottom-line price is before you begin the sales process. Read a couple of books on negotiation, this applies to buyers as well, and enjoy the process.

8. As-is means As-is

Before you hand over the keys, emphasise verbally and in writing that you are selling your motorhome as-is. From the seller’s perspective, this ensures that you are not liable for repairs after the sale. From the buyer’s perspective, this means caveat emptor – let the buyer beware. The buyer alone is responsible for ensuring the quality of the items for sale.

9. Paperwork is your friend

  • Document all changes to the vehicle
  • Ensure that you transfer title
  • Do not cancel insurance before you know that title has been transferred out of your name
  • Keep copies of everything for a good five years

Have you used PPL Motorhomes?

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