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The manufacturer of Travel Supreme Motorhomes, Travel Supreme, was founded in 1989 in Wakarusa, Indiana and quickly became to be regarded as a leading manufacturer of fifth wheelers in the USA. 10 years later, they expanded into manufacturing upscale, customised Class A diesel motorhomes. They were one of the more recent entries to the luxury motorhome market, the others having been established in the 1950s and 60s but, like the earlier entrants, less than 20 years after their inauguration, hit by falling motorhome and fifth wheel demand during the recession of 2007, they closed the plant.

Travel Supreme’s assets were purchased by Jayco in April, 2008 and, from what we could find in our research, it seems that Jayco’s Entegra line is based on the Travel Supreme motorhome. Parts and service for the original models are being continued and availability appears to be good – though if you have any information about this, please add it using the form below. If you own a Travel Supreme, we’d also love to hear your impressions.

In their heyday, the vehicles were the epitome of luxury motorhome living in the US and Canada. Ranging in length up to 45 feet (some 13 metres for those of us using the metric system), these bus-based motorhomes are generally built on a Spartan chassis and were definitely built to last. With a Gross Vehicle Weight of some 37 000 pounds (about 17 tonnes) they were built to be completely self-contained and pitched at the luxury market.

Not surprisingly, there is a strong second-hand market for Travel Supreme motorhomes operating in the US and Canada. RV Trader, carries around 70 used vehicles, roughly half-half Class A and 5th wheel, at any one time and at the time of writing, used Travel Supreme motorhome prices range from about $60 000 up to $270 000 indicating a superb resale value for those lucky enough to have purchased these behemoths before the plant closed in 2007.

Conclusions on Travel Supreme Motorhomes

Would we buy a Travel Supreme motorhome or fifth wheeler?

Despite the luxurious appointment and obvious care and craftsmanship that has gone into building these “luxury land yachts”, they are not suitable for our purposes. Like all other Class A motorhomes, their ground-clearance and departure angles are too small – they don’t satisfy our need for a “poor-road” vehicle.

Also, because the optimal length for a poor-road motorhome is less than 8 metres, for driving comfort and manoeuvrability, these beauties are just too long. This is true of all Class A RVs.
Weight is also a major consideration with the K2 chassis having a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of some 37,000 pounds (nearly 17 metric tonnes) – just under the upper limit of a New Zealand Class 2 Heavy Vehicle license when we would, if possible, like to be at the other end of its limit – closer to a GVW of 8 tonnes.

That said, there is much we can learn from studying these vehicles, their floorplans and layouts are superb and the fitout luxurious. They are without a doubt a source of inspiration…

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